Think you know how to make the perfect steak? Think again.

Here are five top tips to ensure you get the most juicy, tender taste from your quality cuts.

There are few finer pleasures in life than the smell and succulent savouring of the first bite of a perfectly cooked steak. But if you want yours to be well done (figuratively of course – why butcher a perfectly good steak?) then you might find the following five tips particularly useful when preparing a tasty treat for yourself or your lucky guests:

1) Less is more

Some people inexplicably ‘enjoy’ their steak well done or, as some humorously put it – nuked. Frying your steak to a crisp destroys the flavour and can make it tough and chewy. To enjoy the true essence of the steak and fully appreciate its mouth-watering juices you should ensure that it is cooked medium-rare to medium. You’ll know that it has reached this stage when the centre is still slightly pink and the meat is soft yet springy if you lightly press down on it with your thumb (or firm and springy if you prefer it towards the medium side).

2) Good things come to those who wait

Before you even think about letting the meat see the heat, ensure that the steak has reached room temperature by taking it out of the fridge and allowing it to sit for up to an hour. This will allow the heat to penetrate the centre more easily and ensure a consistent cook throughout. You also need to ensure that your pan, grill or bbq is super-hot before you start to cook your meat, otherwise you’re unlikely to achieve the deliciously caramelised crust that makes the tastes so exquisite.

3) Butter isn’t better

If you’re going to put a splash of something into the pan before the steak meets it, eschew the butter and reach for the oil. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay recommends using groundnut oil because it has a mild flavour and can withstand very high temperatures.

4) Marvellous marble

When looking for the perfect piece of meat to munch on it may surprise you that looking for something with a healthy dose of fat in it is actually key to a flavourful feast. The lines of fat that run through your steak are known as the marbling. As the steak cooks those little pieces of fat streaked throughout the meat start to melt and actually baste the meat from within, creating a gorgeously juicy and tender flavour.

5) Give it a little R&R

No, while we really are enthusiastic about quality meat, we’re not suggesting you take your steak for a luxurious pampering at a spa. However, a little rest and a rub down will do it the world of good. So, when you’ve achieved your desired cook and removed it from the heat, gently rub it with a dash of extra virgin olive oil and allow it to rest for a few minutes to achieve an incredible awe-inspiring taste. 

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