Planning an exhibition or trade show is exciting and involves a lot of careful consideration. There are the stands and their layouts, electrics, internet, staff cover, catalogues, new products to show and also the interesting aspects like moving robots which will draw people to your stand and engage them in conversation.

Then there is the important consideration of what free gifts you will give away so that people remember your brand, stand and products.  It is important that the gift has some value to the person receiving it, but also important that it is not the same as everyone else is likely be giving away.  This is where branding becomes imperative.  Using your corporate colours and logo on a gift that people will want, will mean that your company will be associated with the gift after the exhibition.

Some promotional products can actually be used as part of your display - such as the promotional tubes of biscuits, which stack beautifully as a pyramid and are obviously full of tasty treats and are very well received, although being a very cost effective gift. These have worked well for many companies because each company has their unique branding and corporate colours which confirm the colours and branding of the stand. Having your own branded bags for your gifts, will ensure others at the exhibition will be looking out for your stand!

Forget your bowl of mints on the table, make sure your prospects find you and take away a gift which represents your company well. There is a huge range of business gifts available - from IT products, to watches, sunglasses and travel wallets.  Browse through your options on our website.

You could always be really different and send out follow-up Promotional Tubes which show your stand and brand to all the people who visited your stand. Everybody loves a gift!