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I thought I would drop you an email regarding the provision of the Luxury Hampers that you supplied.

Just when we were struggling to come up with a new and original gift to present our clients with, your company came to our rescue. The feedback that we have had from our clients has been excellent, many have commented on the quality of the hampers and highlighted the fact that they had never before been provided with such and original and bespoke type gift, very different to the usual humdrum corporate gifts that are given out on a regular basis.

It has been a pleasure to deal with your company and we look forward to continuing business with you later on in the season. We would have no hesitation on recommending your products to any other interested parties.

Best regards

Hotel Administrator, UK Hotel Group




I went to a customer today and left them a Chancellor hamper (the person I went to see was out) and half an hour later got an ecstatic phone call to say "thanks for the gift", it is "absolutely **** brilliant", and that they were "blown away by the quality of it".

UK Welding & Engineering Supply Company



Lesley received a Banquet hamper from her MD and didn't expect the container to be so lovely!  She put in her living room next to the fireplace and everyone who comes comments on the lovely box.  They ordered another Banquet for a raffle and when the receptionist saw the container she commented she would love to have it.  Lesley enquired of her MD what happened to the container of the hamper he said it’s in my garage but I will bring it in for her.  So the hampers all have quite a story!

Leading UK Automotive Service Supplier




“I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic hamper, it was totally unnecessary but very appreciated, I have never in 26 years of working within this industry been given anything like this.  Your kindness is overwhelming.”

Response received by Interior Landscaper in East Anglia



It [the hamper] did get there and it worked, we received an order the same day that more than covered the cost of the Hamper and what’s more – we’ve kept the customer which you can’t really put a value on! The guy told me that it lasted 2hrs between them!

UK Plant Equipment Company