How do you stand out from the crowd with personalityquality and exclusivity in this age of ever increasing digital marketing?

How will your business stand out in 2017?

The fantastic thing about digital marketing is that anyone can compete with even the biggest players in the industry and indeed they do. Even the smallest outfit can have a cracking website, send regular e-shots, get active on social media right alongside the untouchable giants of the world’s largest organisations.

So what happens when a market leader really wants to make an impact again and demonstrate that they are head-and-shoulders above the run-of-the-mill shaky organisations in their industry, in quality, exclusivity, service, capability, or just sheer size?

This might not be what you want to hear so brace yourself;

Forward thinking companies that are leaders in their field are having to rise above digital marketing and are now increasingly investing in hard copy marketing material. Yes, exclusive brochures with foilblocked cover and flysheet, a smart embossed business card and, wait for it; - a high quality business calendar that has a commanding presence in the boardroom, directors office, or reception.

Jaguar Landrover, a highly respected brand that has bucked all the trends is one example, their stunning 2017 calendar is a must-have for their top customers and is also available to purchase for a short while at a premium price.  And others are doing the same. You will be fortunate to get your hands on the McLaren or Bentley calendars, and it’s not just the automotive industry either.

Marketing that customers will actually thank you for and even pay for?

This is where a calendar stands entirely unique as a cost effective and highly sought after gift which also sends a powerful message of exclusivity and quality…..with personality.  

However, don’t be tempted to economise with poor quality budget type offerings the marketing material must be of the highest quality production you can find – cheap marketing products send a cheap message, better to produce lower volume and source the best the market has to offer. Take the Calendar to the client in person, carefully open the box in their office and hand it over, this physically and mentally engages the valued customer creating loyalty as well as putting your brand intheir subconscious mind for a whole year.

Digital marketing is here to stay and is essential for every business, but the best-of-the best need more than that to maintain and increase their position in this highly volatile economic climate.

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